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About Me

Why Choose Me?

With 19 years of experience, I understand the healing power of a dance-floor and love being present for those special moments. I love reading my crowd. Understanding and listening to my clients needs is also a skill I've developed with experience. 

All Kinds of Parties!

I love playing for all sorts of get togethers, parties and or events. I love playing music for the young, the mature and everyone else in between. I love creating a safe environment where people from all sorts of backgrounds can come together and let loose for a while.

With all that I've done as a DJ up till now, I've still very excited to see what the next moment holds. 

Great Music

I'm an "Open-Form" DJ. I can play almost any genre of music based on the people in front of me.  My philosophy in regards to what I play is simple. Segregate your music and you segregate the people and that's no good.  Most Disc Jockey's refrain from taking requests. I welcome them because we all have our own ideas as to what great music is.